Sorrel Bay Fine Jewellery is a collection of timeless luxury contemporary jewellery lovingly hand crafted to be treasured and worn everyday. Each piece is one-of-a-kind or part of a limited edition collection, as each gemstone is carefully selected for its outstanding beauty for each individual piece.

Hand crafted by skilled goldsmiths in our UK studios, no two pieces are, or can be, alike. They are designed to be as talismans, becoming part of the wearer and forming a great bond between people. Heavily inspired by the the connection we have with the earth, by adorning ourselves with precious metal and gemstones produced by it, they work not only to be beautiful items but significant pieces that connect us. 

There is a deliberate organic hand crafted feel to our collections which is echoed too by the diamonds and gemstones that we use. Natural 'flaws' and fissures within our diamond slices flash mirrored light through them, visualising how they were formed. 

Lights of galactic colours in our carefully selected opals are reminiscent of the Milky Way or the fiery belly of the underworld. Each piece is respectfully created in great homage to its origins within the earth. Sorrel Bay Fine Jewellery is a sophisticated luxury brand, designed to be future heirlooms. Noted for their unmistakable colour and craftsmanship, these precious and considered pieces come alive once worn and their special qualities become apparent.


Marie Walshe is the creative director behind her brand Sorrel Bay Fine Jewellery, so named after her beautiful daughter. A goldsmith for over 20 years, designing and hand crafting jewellery has been a passion of hers since she was a young girl. Marie still hand crafts many of the pieces in the collections and oversees every single piece in her UK studios. 

It is important to her that each piece is made using the skill, technique and craftsmanship handed through generations that essentially began with early mankind. Her passion for the planet and its offerings have ensured that we use fair trade gold and recycled gold and we work hard on our relationships with mines and gemstone dealers to ensure that our pieces are as ethical as is possible. 

Her work is very much inspired by the women who wear her jewellery, confident, strong and independent, and the pieces only accentuate this when worn. They are designs for women who appreciate unique one-of-a-kind jewellery and understand how wearing such a piece will make them feel. Understated elegance.