'There is a magic in heating, forging and forming metal, partaking in an ancient alchemy to use ones hands to form something totally new.  A treasure, unlike any other is now in existence and it is only here because your hands created  it.'
- Marie Walshe

Handcrafting raw materials and forging with fire, stone cutting and crafting one of a kind treasures is what we do here at Sorrel Bay Jewellery.

Adornment goes back through the centuries and crosses every continent, and we have always treasured special items which possess sentiment, stories and talismanic properties. From a simple band of precious gold, a symbolic flamboyant brooch, a magnificent crown, a gem encrusted sword handle, diamond engagement or agate seal signet ring, we have used the skill of the goldsmith to mark important events in our own lives, and that of human history.

It is in this light that we take immense pride in using ancient skills with years of experience sourcing beautiful gemstones and materials ethically and sustainably to ensure beauty and wonder in each and every piece.

'In a world saturated with throwaway items and mass produced pieces, Marie had a clear vision that she wanted to use ancient skills and craftmanship to offer 'one of a kind' precious handcrafted treasures.'  

Whether it is an engagement ring that has a rare and bewitching beautiful rose cut diamond or a mesmerising Australian opal or Mexican agate, we endeavour to source the most beautiful gemstones the world has to offer from all over the globe, and make it yours. 

All you need to do is get in touch for your creative jewellery journey to begin.