It is with no surprise that with Marie's lifelong fascination with geology and gemmology that sustainability is at the heart of the Sorrel Bay brand. From sourcing our materials ethically, by using Fair Trade gold and recycled gold, to gems stones sourced from small scale miners where human rights issues are implemented. Therefore we endeavour to source from mines that use ethical practices in the production of gold and gemstones where possible. We are proud to be registered Fair Trade Goldsmiths and strive to follow the Responsible Jewellery Council Code Of Practice. Our pieces are not only made with love in our studios but sourced with great care and attention to ensure their integrity from a rock in the ground to a precious item of jewellery.

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Provenance and Traceability

Striving to always know the location and source of our gemstones is also vital in understanding its geological makeup and formation. These are unique to each and every location globally which also brings the magical quality of the gemstones alive. Therefore knowing the source of our gem stones not only gives our pieces provenance but an understanding of its beauty and geological creation.

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