'Diamonds are like stars, wonderous, magical, unfathomable'

Every diamond is unique, formed by the momentous pressure of the earth. They cannot be crushed or broken and have therefore come to symbolise the bond between two people. They are of course also stunning and beautiful and shine with an intense light. At Sorrel Bay Fine Jewellery we use natural diamonds that have natural 'flaws'. These naturally occuring mineral threads appear mirrored and moss like - inclusions that flash colours deep within the stone. We also choose unusual cuts using 'rose' cuts, 'tambuli' cuts and diamond 'slices' which enhance these magical unique qualites within the stone. We work hard to select stones that are conflict free and sourced from ethical dealers. We hold a selection of loose stones that you can select from to create your very own 'one-of-a-kind' piece made within our workshops here in the UK.

Contact us at studio@sorrelbay.com to enquire further.